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Friday, 24/06/2022

To: Sunday, 26/06/2022

Location: Da Nang City

Once upon a time, nearly thousands of attendees would flock to the Interbank Offsite Event - annual blockbuster event of Financial Community in Vietnam - with a hive of funny and meaningful activities for networking, strengthening unity amongst members of our interbank and financial market.

Enter 2020, The COVID-19 pandemic put these live networking opportunities to an end and businesses shifted to virtual connection. Despite the quick pivot to successfully doing business virtually, people are anxious to get back in the saddle of in-person meetings and conferences and events. One fundamental truth that became apparent following the COVID-19 pandemic is that human beings are social creatures who crave interaction. Interbank Offsite 2022 now is back after two years’ absence due to the pandemic.

The Interbank Offsite 2022 - the most anticipated event in the Interbank community - will be kicked off by the Workshop on Vietnam Capital Market – Overcoming the Challenges and Moving Forward. The forecast of EIU for Finance in 2022 is gusty tailwinds. Robust GDP growth will boost activity for banks, payment processors, insurers and fund managers in 2022, but inflation will be a major risk. Developing markets will take longer to regain their appeal than developed ones. Regulatory uncertainties in China will throw up challenges in the world’s fastest-growing market for financial services. Green finance will move towards centre stage, as companies and investors try to live up to pledges made at the COP26 climate summit.

For Vietnam Capital market, the hot development and the chaos in Corporate Bond Market has been reviewed by the authorities. What will be the orientation for the corporate bon market development and what need to be done to have vibrant Corporate Bond Market? At this workshop, we will also discuss about the Trends and market impact of Cryptocurrency trading and NFTs within Treasury.

The 12nd Interbank Offsite event then will be followed by the most awaited Gala dinner - a festive evening of networking, musical entertainment and more.