Implementation of Gov Bond Pricing Service of VBMA


VBMA has officially launched the Government Bond Pricing Service due to demands of VBMA members for portfolio valuation. Government Bond Price will be calculated based on the actual trading yields quoted by VBMA Market Makers according to the MMA for Outright transaction. VBMA Government Bond Yield Fixing Curve is provided to market participants and published on VBMA website, Bloomberg and Refinitiv.

Government Bond prices will be provided for every tenor from 1 year to 30 years, in which the prices of bond without year-rounded TTM are calculated through interpolation method using yields at standard tenors defined in MMA for Government Bond Yield Fixing. The calculation method was consulted and agreed by all VBMA members. Bid price or mid-price will be applied upon the request of members.

The provision of this service is one of the activities of building and developing the market of VBMA, initially building up the infrastructure to provide pricing service from an independent and reputable organization like VBMA.