Announcement on the Government Bond Auction plan for the 2nd Quarter 2023


On April 14th 2023, Vietnam State Treasury (VST) issued Letter No. 2106/KBNN-QLNQ regarding Government Bond Auction Plan Announcement in the second quarter of 2023 with the total offering value of VND 120.000 billion.

Details of offering value by tenors in the second quarter can be found below:

  • 5-year tenor:      VND 15.000 billion.
  • 7-year tenor:      VND 2.000 billion
  • 10-year tenor:    VND 45.000 billion.
  • 15-year tenor:    VND 53.000 billion.
  • 20-year tenor:    VND 2.000 billion.
  • 30-year tenor:    VND 3.000 billion.