Announcement about the Government Bond Auction on August 2nd, 2023


On August 2nd, the State Treasury will call for auction VND 5,000 billion of Government bond, including VND 500 billion for tenor 5-year, VND 1,500 billion for tenor 10-year, VND 2,500 billion for tenor 15-year and VND 500 billion for tenor 30-year.

Year to date, the State Treasury issued VND 208,729 billion of Government bond across various tenors from 5 to 30 years, completing about 52% this year’s plan of VND 400,000 billion.

Winning value of 10 and 15-year bond was largest with VND 81,697 and VND 95,553 billion issued, respectively, accounting for 84.9% of total value issued since the beginning of 2023. 5-year bond comes in third with VND 22,788 billion. The State Treasury has plans to raise VND 30,000 billion from 3-year bond this year but so far has not offer this tenor for bidding.

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