Government Bond Auction Result of February 1st, 2023


During the week, the State Treasury call for auction a total of VND 15,500 billion of Government bond including tenors of 5-year (VND 500 billion), 10-year (VND 7,500 billion), 15-year (VND 7,500 billion). Total winning value was VND 14,670 billion (equivalent to the winning rate of 95%), in which the winning volume of 5-year and 10-year amounted to VND 7,500 billion and VND 7,170 billion, respectively, 5-year bonds failed to be auctioned. Winning yield of 10-year and 15-year bond both decreased by 16 points compared to its latest one.

In January, 2023, VST announced the G-Bond Auction Plan in 2023 was VND 400,000 billion, of which the plan in 1st Quarter was VND 108,000 billion. The total value of G-bonds issued since the beginning of the year amounted to VND 47,502 billion (equivalent to 12% of 2023 plan and 44% of 1st Quarter plan). Specifically, the issuing value of the 10 and 15-year tenors was VND 23,832 billion (reaching 53% of 1st Quarter plan) and 23,670 billion (reaching 52.6% of 1st Quarter plan).

During the week, there was no auction for Government – guaranteed bond.