• Interbank Offsite 2022

    The Interbank Offsite 2022 - the most anticipated event in the Interbank community - was successful organized on June 24-26, 2022 in Danang City after back after two yea...

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  • VBMA Best Bond Award 2021 for Outright transaction

    VBMA Best Bond Award 2021 for Outright transaction Ceremony was organized on June 24, 2022 in Da Nang city

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  • VBMA Annual Meeting 2022

    VBMA organized Annual Meeting 2022 in Da Nang City on June 24, 2022

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Recent Activity

  • Announcement on the Government Bond Auction on August 10, 2022

    Next week, VST will call for auction a total of VND 6,500 billion of G-Bond.


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  • Government Bond Auction Result of August 03, 2022

    VST called for auction a total of VND 6,500 billion of G-Bond, the winning rate was 92%.


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  • Welcome Navibank Securities Company becoming a member of Vietnam Bond Market Association

    VBMA is pleased to welcome Navibank Securities Company to become an official member of the Association.


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Top 10 Outright most traded bond codes
Bond code Trading value (VND billion) Term of maturity (years)
Month 07-2022
Primary Market
Offering value (VND billion) Bidding value (VND billion) Winning value (VND billion)
Secondary Market
Total trading value (VND billion) Outright trading value (VND billion) Repo trading value (VND billion)
VBMA Government Bond Yield
  • VBMA Government Bond Yield Fixing

    The Vietnam Bond Market Association has implemented a Market Maker Agreement for Outright Transaction (MMA) since 2012. In 2021, there are 13 market makers participating in implementing this agreement. The successful implementation of the MMA is one of VBMA's contributions to the development of the Vietnamese bond market through building and providing bond prices for the entire market as well as boosting Vietnam bond market liquidity.

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  • VBMA Short-term Benchmark Rate

    The Market Maker Agreement for repo transactions (MMA) has been implemented since June 1st, 2020. In 2021, there are 11 market makers taking part in implementing this agreement. The implementation of the MMA initially provides market members with a reliable short-term benchmark rate curve while boosting liquidity for the Repo market.

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  • VBMA FX Swap Curve

    MMA for FX Swap transaction has been implemented since September 2021 with the participation of 14 market makers. The agreement, basing on the recorded trading price in the market, will establish the protocol to determine the FX Swap Curve – a primary input to price forward contracts.

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